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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Blast from the past!

Hi everyone! It's me, Cassie, author of How To Eat A Cupcake! It feels like forever since I've posted an update, and that's probably because it has been *literally* forever. I've received so many emails and Facebook messages from nostalgic readers searching for my blog and coming up empty. That's because I lost the domain name howtoeatacupcake.net, and it took me a while to figure out how set it back to howtoeatacupcake.blogspot.com! Old links to howtoeatacupcake.net will take you to some random German website using my HTEAC banner, but I assure you that's not me. All of your fave HTEAC recipes and posts are available here on howtoeatacupcake.blogspot.com! :-)

To follow my bakery's progress (we just celebrated 7years in business last month), please "like" us on Facebook... Facebook.com/flourchildbakery

Thank you for all of your love and continued support! It means so much to me that some of my readers have visited the bakery and told me they miss my blog posts. I miss all my readers too! Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dream and bring Flour Child Bakery to life!

Catch ya later! xoxo Cassie

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